Feed the Hunger Packathon

Feed The Hunger Packathon

Come join us on May 4th  from 9:00 – 11:30 as we have a special Packathon to send meals to Haiti.    Haiti is still recovering from the riots, unrest, inflation and food shortages that are unimaginable.   Our goal for this event will be 50,000 meals.   The cost to our church for this number of meals is $14,000.   For the first time we are asking each participant to help fund the meals they are packing.   Each person will pack approx. 240 servings, which is enough to provide lunch for one child for an entire school year.  What an opportunity!   Please come be a part of this Packathon or feel free to give if you cannot attend. Please note: Cost: $50 per person or max of $100 per family. But you are welcome to give whatever God lays on your heart toward this great blessing to those in need in Haiti.