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Below are current job opportunities:

Part-Time Nursery Coordinator

Lake Norman Baptist Church is now accepting applications for a part-time nursery coordinator. Please email resumes to Darryl King at

Part-Time Administrative Assistant

Lake Norman Baptist Church is now accepting applications for a part-time administrative assistant. Please email resumes to Houston Venters at

Minister of Children

Position Description Job Title: Minister of Children Purpose: The Minister of Children is responsible for the development and promotion of the children’s programs of Lake Norman Baptist Church (1,100+ members). Type: Full-Time, Exempt Reports to: Minister of Education Oversees: Nursery Coordinator (Part-Time) & Children’s Ministry Assistant (Part-Time) QUALIFICATIONS:

  • Leads a life governed by the Bible, committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, a Spirit-led leader called and empowered by God to serve in this capacity.
  • College degree and seminary training and/or extensive experience in Children’s Ministries.
  • Must be willing to be a part of the team approach to ministry, serving as one of the professional ministers of the church staff.
  • LNBC membership required upon acceptance of the position.


  1. Develop a Children’s Ministry (Birth through 6th Grade – 250–300 children) that is Christ-centered, introduces children to God’s plan for their lives and promotes the following:
    • Introducing children to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
    • Assisting children in growing in their Christian faith.
    • Helping children to learn the great doctrines of the faith.
    • Assisting children in learning the values of Christian service.
    • Assisting children in sharing their faith with others.
    • Assisting children in applying scripture to their everyday life.
  2. Design and develop a Children’s Ministry that keeps the spiritual growth and well-being of children at the core of everything that is done. Thus, while a Children’s Ministry will incorporate many fun and entertaining events, such events are never to be what defines the success of the Children’s Ministry.
  3. Introduce, instruct, lead and inspire the children of Lake Norman Baptist Church in missions activities that are deemed appropriate for their age level.
  4. Develop and direct a program of Children’s Worship: Current programs include Worship Kid’s style (for ages 4 through 6) and Club J (for grades 1st through the 4th grade).
  5. Develop and administer safe and effective Saturday and Sunday nursery and preschool programs.
  6. Provide direction and support to lay leaders in overseeing ministries to children in the Children’s Division. Help them to understand their roles and guide them to minister in a manner that glorifies the Lord, edifies the church, and meets the needs of children.
  7. Work closely with the Week-Day Pre-School Director to ensure policies and procedures are consistent with LNBC’s Children’s Ministry.
  8. Provide leadership and support with the Music Ministry staff for children’s musical development and productions.
  9. Prepare and communicate information to keep children and their parents apprised of ongoing activities and ministry opportunities.
  10. Provide leadership, support and direction to ensure the effectiveness of Vacation Bible School (400+ children), AWANA (200+ children) and Upward (300+ children).
  11. Plan with lay leaders, activities or events for children during summer, school vacations, or weekend events to include a devotional time. Communicate such activities or events in the church bulletin and email blast.
  12. Prepare a Children’s Ministry quarterly report to be given at church conferences.
  13. Lead in screening, enlisting (along with the Nominating Committee), and training lay leadership to work in the Children’s Ministry.
  14. Plan and oversee the budget for the Children’s Ministry. Work closely with the Minister of Education and Financial Staff to make needed purchases in accordance with church policy.
  15. Pursue professional development by attending (Minister of Education approved) workshops, conferences, and other professional meetings specific to the changing dynamics of Children’s Ministries.
  16. Plan and implement a program of Parent-Child Dedication events.
  17. Counsel children and their families as requested. Appropriately refer to the Counseling Ministry.
  18. Work with the Nursery Coordinator to enlist workers and coordinate childcare needs for Sunday night, Wednesday night, Saturday Night, and special event programs.
  19. Serve as chairperson of the Children’s Ministry Team conducting team planning meetings for the Children’s Ministry.
  20. Establish contacts and build relationships with key staff members at local Christian and public/private elementary schools.

Resumes should be sent to