Sunday Evenings 5 – 6:30pm


What is Awana?

We are excited about our AWANA clubs at Lake Norman Baptist Church for children age 3 to 5th grade. We are privileged to have your child as part of it! We encourage you to work with your children to help them learn the verses and projects in their handbooks.  During your home preparation with your child each week you will help them memorize each Bible verse they are working on so that your child can recite it to a AWANA leader with no more than two helps. If you are interested in being involved in AWANA, please let our Elementary Team Leader Janelle Venters know!

To Register

Awana registration is now open! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!



  • Age 3 (by 9/1) and age 4
  • Clubbers begin and end in the Family Life Center rooms 106, 108, 109 & 112 (1st floor).


  • Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade
  • Clubbers begin and end in the Family Life Center rooms 101, 102, 103 & 105 (1st floor).

T & T

  • Grades 3rd, 4th
  • Clubbers begin each night in gym (sign them in at gym entrance) & end in Education building rooms 221, 225,  229 & 232 (2nd floor).

Ultimate Challenge

  • Grades 5th
  • Clubbers begin each night in gym (sign them in at gym entrance) & end in Education Building room 231 (2nd floor).

Club Schedule

Click here to download the weekly theme schedule.

  • Meetings are held weekly on Sunday evenings from 5:00 to 6:30pm with breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Easter.
  • Club begins the Sunday after Labor Day and ends in the beginning of May.
  • At registration or on the first night, parents will receive a schedule of special activities or theme for each week.

Handbook Time

…consists of interaction between individual clubbers and their leaders. Clubbers learn and recite their handbook memory verses and discuss the Bible reading assignments. To complete the handbook during the year, clubbers will need to work on the handbook at home.

Game Time

…offers clubbers the opportunity to participate as team members in physical activities. They will develop team spirit, good sportsmanship, coordination, and self-confidence.

Council Time

…includes singing, special music, and a message by a leader.


…Each week we reward your child’s various achievements with AWANA shares. At least once per quarter we open up the AWANA store where your child can trade in these shares for prizes.

Participants Awards

  • Receive attendance awards for having no more than two absences per quarter. 
  • The last club meeting of the year will be awards night for the family to recognize completion of handbooks.


50¢ cents per night to help defray operating costs.

How to Help your Clubber

Week by week, your children will grow spiritually as they learn Bible verses.   Experience shows that encouragement from a parent will make a big difference in the spiritual growth of your children.   Please set aside time each week to help your children study their workbooks.  Each handbook describes how you progress through the book and the rewards they will receive.

Handbook Achievement

  • Clubbers need to bring their handbook each week.
  • Please encourage your clubber by listening to your clubber practice their sections at home.
  • The Cubbies work together and learn the same verse each week, however the other clubbers go at there on pace (some say one section each night while others may say many sections).
  • The ultimate goal is for them to understand the verse and put it to memory. There is no time during club to memorize verses so please have them prepared prior to club.


  • To accomplish the year’s objectives and complete the handbook, your clubber must consistently attend club.


  • We believe you want your children to act respectfully in the Lord’s house.
  • There is time for fun and games and a time for quiet.
  • We ask parents to encourage their children to cooperate.

Contact Us

For more information on the Awana program, please contact our Awana Leadership Team at