Interact- Sunday School

Interact Sunday School LogoAt LNBC, we are committed to advancing the Kingdom of God through spiritual growth by interacting with both God’s Word and people in our community. Sunday School does just that- it helps enhance your relationship with God and brings new people together to share their faith. Join us for Sunday School at 8:30 or 10:00 and see what all the excitement is about!

If you need assistance finding a class, please visit our Welcome Center desk in the entrance of Building D, which says “Welcome Center”

All adult classes are in Building D.

Sunday School A – 8:30

Adult 1 (35 and younger) Fellowship Hall
Adult 2 (36-39) Room 234
Adult 3 (40-45) Room 236
Adult 4 (46-49) Room 235
Adult 5 (50-53) Room 238
Adult 6 (54 and older) Room 237

Sunday School B – 10:00

Adult 1 (25-40′s) Room 236
Adult 4 (43-50) 3rd Floor
Adult 5 (50+) Room 238
Adult 6 (60-65) Room 237
Adult 7 (66-70) Room 235
Adult 8 (71 and older) Fellowship Hall
Women’s Class (all ages) Room 131

11:15am Sunday School

Higher Ground (College & Young Adult) Room 234

Loaves and Fishes donations on Months with 5 Sundays

Please bring nonperishable food items, in a brown paper bag, to be taken to the Loaves and Fishes office in Huntersville. Place your brown paper bags in the food collection baskets located in your Sunday School Room.

20 somethings Boxed Cereal
Adult 1 Dried Beans, Canned Milk
Adult 2 Canned Vegetables
Adult 3 Pop Tarts
Adult 4 Canned Beef Stew
Adult 5 Grits/Oatmeal
Adult 6 Rice/Instant Pudding
Adult 7 Canned Spaghetti/Sauce
Adult 8 Mac & Cheese
Women’s Peanut Butter/Jelly