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What’s Going On In The Men’s Ministry?

Bible Studies

Fall Bible Study

Study: 33 The Series The Men’s Ministry is offering a study in the continuing growth toward Authentic Manhood, 33 The Series. ( To accommodate as many differing schedules as possible we are offering this study at two separate times each week, on Sunday evenings and again on Wednesday evenings. The study will begin on September 25th and September 29th and will run into the late fall. These sessions will explore the basic foundations of Authentic Manhood and God’s clear design for men. It envisions and challenges men in a clear and compelling way. 1. Manhood Realities: What is the current state of manhood and how did we get here. It sets the backdrop for the problems that you as a man need to solve and opportunities that you as a man need to seize. 2. Create and Cultivate: Something in your soul will come to life when you learn you were created for far more than mere existence. You will get a helpful grid through which you can view every facet of your life and a powerful vision for the life God offers to us. 3. Manhood Definition: Ever had manhood defined to you in a clear and compelling way? Could you define manhood? Most men can’t. Never again be left to wonder what it really means to be a man. 4. King/Warrior: What does it look like to be a “King” and a “Warrior” in today’s masculinity? And what man doesn’t want to be a King and a Warrior? You will catch the vision to fight for what matters most and to do it with integrity. 5. Lover/Friend: A man with lame relationships is a “less than” man. Learn how to develop a relational capacity that makes life worth living. 6. Seasons: Life for a man is not just life. It is back, to back, to back seasons of life. Learn how to transition well and dominate each season.

Events & Missions

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Sporting Clays: November 9th

SportClaysTripWhat: Men’s Sporting Clays When: Saturday, November 9th Time: 9:00am- 2:00pm Where: Hunting Creek Preserve, Harmony, NC (about 1 hour north of LNBC) Hunting Creek Preserves provides a great opportunity for men to come together and enjoy God’s great outdoors. Join us on Saturday, November 9th at 9:00am for a time of devotion and a full round of shooting Sporting Clays. Following a safety briefing, we will break off into groups of 4 or 5 and begin our round. Hunting Creek Preserves has 13 Sporting Clay Stands, where you will shoot 8 shots at each for a total of 104 shots. Upon completion, we will gather at the lodge to share the highlights and commiserate on the “ones that got away” over lunch. The ammo needs to be Target Load and you need to plan on about 5 boxes of shells. If you don’t have a shotgun, Hunting Creek has gun rentals available. You can contact them direct to reserve a gun, or just borrow one from a friend. If you’ve never shot sporting clays before – no problem, there will be plenty of people that’s been to Hunting Creek before that we can partner you up with. No previous experience is required. Please RSVP below.

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