At LNBC, we are committed to advancing the Kingdom of God through spiritual growth by interacting with both God’s Word and people in our community. Sunday School does just that- it helps enhance your relationship with God and brings new people together to share their faith.

Join us for Sunday School at 8:30 or 9:45am and see what all the excitement is about! All Adult Sunday School classes are located in Building D.

If you need assistance finding a class, please visit our Welcome Center desk in the entrance of Building C, which says “Welcome Center”.

8:30am • Room 236
9:45am • Room 234

This group offers a place for people to come together for community and learning that is centered on the truths of Scripture. This class is intergenerational – meaning parents, children, and singles all attend together for a dynamic and unique exploration of scripture and life application. New believers and new members are especially welcome to this class!

8:30am • Fellowship Hall

This group is primarily for engaged and married couples that are focusing on strengthening their Christian walk and marriage as a foundation for healthy family life. Married members of this class have young children. Bonding around fellowship and meeting needs is the hallmark of this group. Highly engaged in church activities, this group eagerly supports church ministry efforts.

8:30am • Room 234

This is the place for couples who earnestly desire to learn about the Bible and apply it to their lives, marriages, and families. Married couples in this group often have teenagers in middle school and high school. Spiritual maturity is the focus of this group. Members challenge one another to live out their faith in practical ways that bless and encourage others.

8:30am • Room 235

Married couples in this group focus on enriching their relationships and strengthening their marriage and home life. Couples in this group often have teenagers in high school or college. Service to the church family through a variety of ministries is the focus of this group. Using your gifts in service to others is an expectation for members of this group.

8:30am • Room 238
9:45am • Room 238

This active group focuses on studying God’s Word through discussion, building relationship, and being integrated into life at LNBC. Members of this class are often grandparents who love to share life experiences.

Members of this group have a strong bond that is evidenced through frequent fellowship, persistent prayer, and Bible-centered teaching.

8:30am • Room 137
9:45am • Room 236

This welcoming group of seniors’ objective is to grow in wisdom and encouragement through Bible teaching and discussion. Strong teaching and a desire to serve is the focus of this group. This group is adept at sharing life experiences that bless the members of the group as well as other in our church family.

9:45am • Room 235

This senior group invites you to hear God’s Word through lecture, discussion, sharing, and Bible study. Strong fellowship, prayer and relationship building is the hallmark of this group. If you desire to be a part of community, this group desires to meet your needs. Come be encouraged in your faith! Many in this group are retired and are available for activities that occur during the week.

9:45am • Fellowship Hall

This group of seniors enjoys a time of worship, prayer, and studying God’s Word together. They also enjoy fellowshipping together outside of Sunday morning. They begin their study with a time of singing and prayer. This group is a model of how Christians are to finish the work that God has given them.

9:45am • Room 137

Women of all ages and stages of life are welcome! This group desires to grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ through inductive study and personal life application. This group focuses on meeting the needs of women who desire a closer walk with God. Since the group invites women of all ages strong mentoring through relationship is encouraged.