Acts 1:8 Initiative

Over  6 billion people live on planet earth. Would you believe over half have never heard of the loving and saving grace of Jesus Christ? It is hard to believe so many people in America and around the world have never been reached with the Good News, but it is true. God is calling his people at LNBC to go and share His love and salvation locally, nationally and globally. Come join us!

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Upcoming Mission Trips

Local (Jerusalem) Opportunities

The Charlotte Rescue Mission

The Charlotte Rescue Mission is in need of travel size, unopened hotel bottles of shampoo, soap, lotion, conditioner, toothpaste, etc. This is an easy way to give a donation after a vacation or business trip. Bring any unused, unopened hotel samples to the church office.

New Horizon for Children

  • Dates: Christmas Hosting: mid Dec.- mid Jan. // Summer Hosting: July
  • Organization: New Horizons for Children
  • LNBC Coordinator: Shad Kayser (704-488-7433)
  • Cost: $2,500 per Child or $0 for a Chaperone

Looking for a way to act globally while remaining local? You and your family can host an orphan from Eastern Europe for 5 weeks during the summer or Christmas break. The goals of New Horizons for Children are to: expose orphaned children to the love of Jesus through Christian families; teach them about Jesus’ love through prayer; expose them to American culture and the English language; and teach them that they have a Father, the same heavenly Father that loves us and will never leave us. Hosting does not require much more than including the host child in your day-to-day life and activities. Unsure about hosting a child? Consider hosting a chaperone for 1-5 weeks while they travel to the United States with the children. Either way, your family will be able to share the love of Christ internationally within your own home.

Domestic (Judea/ Samaria) Opportunities

Check back for more trip details.

To The Ends of the Earth (Global) Opportunities

Check back for more trip details.

Child Hosting / Adoption Support Fund

LNBC supports Child Hosting and Adoption. For additional information on hosting or adoption, or for information on the Support Fund, email missions@lakenormanbaptist.com.