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Jobs at LNBC

Thank You For Your Interest In LNBC

Current job openings:

Job Title: Worship Production Assistant (WPA)

Purpose: The purpose of this position is to provide help to the Worship Production Director
with Audio, Video, Computer, Lighting and volunteers as it pertains to all LNBC
events requiring Production.
Type: Part-Time, 20 hours a week
Reports to: Worship Production Director (WPD)

  • Must have a Basic understanding of sound, computer worship programs, video (cameras,
    editing, etc.), lighting (fixtures, bulbs, etc,), and projectors.
  • Will be co-tasked with WPD to recruit, train, and lead volunteers for all production events.
  • Will help with setup for all Production Events including but not limited to: A/V/L carts, Stage
    setup, lighting setup, Audio systems patching and setup, and camera setup.
  • Will be in charge of service programming inside ProPresenter for Sunday Services and other
    production events where necessary.
  • Will help maintain all equipment used in all Production Venues (4).
  • Must be able and willing to learn new equipment.
  • Will Help WPD with all new equipment installs.
  • Will be utilized in filming and editing of videos created by Production Department.
  • Must be able to work Sundays 7:00am-1:00pm, 5-7 pm, and as requested Wed. 5:30-7pm
  • Duties include being active Producer in services while the Worship Leader/Worship
    Production Director is leading worship.
  • Duties include running Audio, Video, or Computer for some non-service activities (Upward,
    large bible studies in worship area, plays and musicals, etc.)
  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a commitment to the vision and mission of Lake
    Norman Baptist Church.
  • Must spend consistent weekly time in own study of God’s Word.
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