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Pastor Bobby Blanton is challenging our church to again read through the Bible in 2014! He is calling this church-wide emphasis The Journey: One-Year Through The Bible. In his December 1st message, Pastor Bobby stated, “There is no better way to change a person’s life than reading God’s Word on a daily basis.” We hope you’ll make The Journey a priority this year! Journals will be provided free of charge, and will include the reading plan for each day.

The Journey: News

  • Journey Journal Sets (Books 1-5) are available for purchase in the Church Office for a love offering of $30.00. Email Darryl King with any questions or to reserve your copies (
  • Journey Journal 5 is now available! Journal 5 will cover the entire New Testament. Pick up your free copy in the Chapel Lobby, Gathering Room, or Church Office!
  • Email for an electronic copy of any of the Journey Journals.

Small Groups

Small Group Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

Below are discussion questions and lessons. If you need previous discussion questions, please email

The first two pages should be handed out to small group participants (optional for Sunday School members). The “Application” and “Facilitators Guide” are for the teachers and facilitators to help guide the discussion or lesson.

Small Group Attendance

Small Group Attendance

Please let us know the attendance for your small group.


Have A Question?

Ask A Question!

Did you stumble upon something in your reading that you didn't understand or have a question about? If so, please fill out the form below and one of our Pastors or Sunday School teachers will answer!
  • A valid email is required so we can respond to your question.
  • We will try to answer as many questions as possible during the week.


  • There is no special Bible to use with The Journey. Use your own personal Bible to use with the journals!
  • Senior Pastor Bobby Blanton will preach along with The Journey on Sunday mornings. Visit the Sermon Pages to catch up, watch again, or send to a friend!
  • Write your name and contact info on the inside cover! If you lose your journal, we want to be able to return it to you!
  • Fill in the date at the top of each day; this will help you keep track of your reading.
  • Sunday Morning Bible Study and Small Groups will dig deeper into the materials each week. Contact Darryl King at to get plugged in!