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Important Church Update:

Updated 7:30PM, 4/07/2020

Hello, LNBC Family!

We trust you were encouraged by the sermon this past week. When we see how quickly much of our everyday lives have changed in only a few weeks, it is clear that God is not only at work but that He is shaking things up.  But why, we ask.
The time we are in is not dissimilar from the time that the prophet Habakkuk found himself in.  Like us, Habakkuk cried out asking “Lord, please tell me what you are doing.”  The thing is the Lord didn’t answer Habakkuk just as He has not told us exactly what He is up to now.  In fact, the Lord replied to Habakkuk saying that He would not tell Habakkuk what He was up to, because even if He did, Habakkuk wouldn’t believe it.  My sense is that we wouldn’t believe it either if God would tell us exactly what He was up to now.  The Bible tells us that God has not given up. He hasn’t!  He is still on the Throne! And those of us who know Him, put our trust in Him and Him alone.
We don’t put our trust in Washington, we don’t put our trust in CDC or WHO, we don’t put our trust in ourselves, we don’t put trust in our money – we put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We can live with the confidence of knowing whatever parts of our worldly systems fail and shatter, He’ll be there!

Let’s pray together

The importance of God’s people praying is not something that is a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  Our need for prayer as both a means of connecting to God the Father and as an act of obedient worship has always existed.  Still, it remains a vital part of God’s plan to minister to His creation through His people.
In an effort to unify God’s people together in prayer, we have created the LNBC Weekly Prayer Guide as a resource to help you focus your prayers throughout this season and beyond.  Certainly, you are free to use this in any way you like, but we have suggestions for how to use the guide as both a prayer time and a witnessing time.
Each day, at 8am, 2pm and 8pm, various members of our church will walk outside into their driveway and take 10-15 minutes and publicly pray.  This is not meant to be a public spectacle but a simple demonstration of the faith and faithfulness of God’s people.  We encourage you to join in.  We encourage you to do this as a couple or as a family.  Pick one time … or two times … or … even all three times.  And just pray.  It isn’t about you or about LNBC but it is all about turning our eyes toward our Father above and asking Him to have His will over this situation.
Please consider joining with other brothers and sisters in Christ from LNBC in this effort.  Feel free to pass on to friends, family members or others.  It is impossible to have too many voices coming at God … He is big enough.  Click here for the LNBC Weekly Prayer Guide.

Jump start a small group

During this time of isolation, the majority of us most likely have a close circle of people that we particularly miss connecting with.  Why not use this as a chance to formalize a time of connection with them each week by jump starting a small group?  Everyone can benefit from the fellowship, encouragement, study of God’s Word and prayer that are part of small groups.
And in case you are thinking, “but I don’t know how to lead a small group”, we have put together a very simple start-up guide to get you going.  You don’t even have to worry about curriculum, as we have something ready for you to use each week, and anyone can have access to the church’s Right Now Media account.  Click here for the guide … and then, just get started.  You won’t regret joining others in small communities; after all, that is what God made us for.

Update on recent legislation

Last week the US Congress passed legislation which the President signed that established the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act which provide certain small businesses and non-profit organizations the opportunity for economic relief.  The Paycheck Protection Program(PPP) established under the CARES Act provides for economic relief of certain essential business expenses (payroll, lease/mortgage interest, and utilities) during this crisis.  Churches are among the types of organizations that may benefit from this program.  Therefore, the Elder Council has approved LNBC to apply for such financial assistance under the PPP.
Because this financial assistance is in the form of a forgivable loan (assuming certain criteria are met, which we would ensure they are), such an action may require a vote of approval by our church membership.  The exact date and mechanics of such a vote are still undetermined, but we intend to potentially take a vote as soon as April 17, 2020.  We will communicate more information as further decisions are made.

Church-wide Holy Week Devotional

Several Elders and staff recently met to discuss the spiritual benefits of reading through a church-wide devotional together leading up to Easter Sunday. The devotional is a six-day plan by Pastor Kyle Idelman entitled, “The Easter Experience.” Click here, and you will be directed to the devotional on the YouVersion Bible App.
If you do not have the YouVersion Bible App, you can download it by clicking on your type of smartphone or computer: AppleAndroidMicrosoft.  Simply provide your name, email, and password, and that’s all!
We encourage you to start the devotional on Monday morning, April 6. You will finish on Saturday, April 11, the day before Easter. Encourage friends and family members to join you. These are, no doubt, difficult times. However, it is during difficult times that believers shine. We shine because of the light of Jesus that leads our path. Be a light!
This is also an 8-Day Holy Week Family Easter Guide provided by our Janelle Venters, our Children’s minister. Each day there is a devotion, along with an activity – and this begins on Palm Sunday and will end on Resurrection Day Sunday. Click Here to download the Easter Guide.

New Church Office Hours

To minimize the contact of our church personnel and set a strong example of community responsibility in our staff, we have decided to reduce office hours to the following:
Monday, Tuesday and Friday       9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Wednesday                                          9:00 am – 11:00 am
Thursday                                              (Closed for recording)
If you require assistance outside of these hours, please contact a staff member directly or email

Easter Sunday, April 12!

This Sunday, we will again start our Livestream at 9:45am on Facebook Live.  The Livestream recording can also be accessed from our website or the app, as well as through Vimeo (please note that we recommend using Facebook Live for the highest quality experience).
We cannot wait to celebrate Resurrection Sunday with you!


You may have noticed that LNBC’s sign on Sam Furr Road now says “How can we help?  Email”.  This is our invitation for anyone with a need that can be met by our church during the time of social distancing and staying at home to let us know.  It is available for those within our congregation as well as those outside of our congregation who require assistance.
Carson and the team will be collecting each request and coordinating resources to do all we can to help our community by meeting needs. Please share this email address with those in your circle of influence (friends, family, neighbors, co-workers) and encourage them to reach out and allow us to assist.

BE the Church

  • Please join us again this Sunday at 9:45am for our Livestream on Facebook Live. Last Sunday we had 350-400 people worshiping with us through prayer, encouragement and presentation of God’s Word.
  • Connect with LNBC and each other throughout the week on social media. We are actively posting daily content on Facebook and Instagram, so stay engaged with us and each other during this season.  Like us and follow us on both platforms.
  • Do you or someone you know need prayer? Click Here to share your prayer request.
  • Pray for this situation and for one another.  Take dedicated time each day and pray over this situation specifically.  Pray for God’s guidance; pray for great faith; pray for obedience; pray for opportunities to use not only your gifts and talents but the sacrifice of your time to bring healing and help to His hurting communities.
  • Download our church app. (Available at the Apple store for free.) NOTE: Be sure to enable notifications on your device so you can get the latest updates from LNBC.

  • Continue to give.  Thank you to everyone who has been faithful in giving tithes and offerings.  Since we are unable to gather in person at this time, please consider giving online securely through our partner Pushpay, or mailing your tithes and offerings to the church. Click this button to give securely online:
If you need assistance with giving online, contact Pastor Darryl at:
For those who would like to give via check, simply mail your check to the address below:
Lake Norman Baptist Church
Attn: Accounting
7921 Sam Furr Rd.
Huntersville, NC 28078
Praying for your ongoing strength and encouragement,
LNBC Elder Council
Bobby Blanton, Robert Courson, Ron Hoppe, Gary Rapp, Tom Wassel, & Mark Zirkle

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