Going…While We Stay

Certainly on the surface it sounds confusing to suggest that we should be going and staying at the same time. But in this context, the “go” part of the word “going” doesn’t necessarily mean physical travel although for some who are healthy and not in at-risk groups it might.
What it really means is the “go” from Jesus’ Great Commission for us to make disciples of all nations. Being a disciple maker requires trust, and there is no better way to build trust in people than to start our disciple-making efforts by meeting people’s needs.
As we navigate the Covid-19 coronavirus together, here are some practical ways that you can “go while you stay” during this challenging time:
1) Be a vessel. If you are feeling well and are not among the at-risk groups, email us at go@lnbc.com to be part of a team of volunteers providing additional efforts.  This team will mobilize to meet the needs as they are present and will also develop creative ideas for how we can be the church for a hurting community and world!  For example, you may have the ability to provide someone counseling, financial advice, tips on temporary home-schooling or perhaps you could buy or pickup groceries.  These or other things could really help those in need or crisis during this time.
2) Be the hands and feet of Jesus to your friends, family, and neighbors. Click here for a template of a letter that you can use to let your neighbors know you care about them and are willing to help them out by prayer, sharing your own resources, grocery shopping, etc…
3) Make sure that kids and families are receiving meals supportClick here for information on how you can help our ministry partner Angels & Sparrows Soup Kitchen. You can also bring canned goods, non-perishable food items, and perishable personal and cosmetics items to the church to be distributed to local ministries helping out our community. Also check out Bags of Hope where you can be a part of helping provide food for students.
4) Help those in addiction recovery continue on their path to restoration. Click here for a list of items needed by the Charlotte Rescue Mission, one of LNBC’s long-term ministry partners.
5) Be a prayer warrior. Take dedicated time each day and pray over this situation specifically. Pray for God’s guidance; pray for great faith; pray for obedience; pray for opportunities to use not only your gifts and talents but the sacrifice of your time to bring healing and help to His hurting communities.


Some of our ministry partners