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Updated 5/29/2020

Hello, LNBC Family!

Elder Gary Rapp and his wife Julie give us our opening encouragement today.
In the last couple of years, a song has come to my attention that always makes me stop and worship.  Based on a passage in Revelation 5, this song makes me contemplate if Jesus is worthy of my worship.  During a vision, the apostle John is in the great throne room with a scroll with seven seals.  An angel is proclaiming in a loud voice, “Who is worthy to open the scroll and break the seals?”  When no one in heaven or on earth was found to open the scrolls, it moved John to loud weeping.  But one of the 24 elders in the throne room spoke to John and reminded him that there was one worthy; one who was victorious.  It was the Lamb who had been slain.  Verses 9-10 is the driving force of the song:
You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because You were slaughtered and You redeemed people for God by your blood from every tribe and language and people and nation.  You made them a kingdom and priest of our God, and they will reign on the earth.
Heaven was making a “big deal” and celebrating that there was one worthy to open the scrolls.  Jesus is the only one who is worthy and through that worthiness we are able to come before God.  The song asks the questions, “Do you believe the world is broken?”, “Do you know that all the dark won’t stop the light from getting through?”, “Do you wish that you could see it all made new?”, “Is the glory of the Lord to be the light within our midst?”   Do you ask those questions?  Do you wonder why you worship?  Who you worship? How you worship?  Do you, like John, feel like weeping that there is nothing, no one, who could change our current situation?  There is One, only one, who is worthy of all our worship – one who fulfills all of our needs.  As we contemplate returning to what we traditionally consider “worship”, let us not lose sight of what true worship is – acknowledging the true worthiness of the Lamb who was slain.
Take five minutes to listen/watch this video of the song (  Prepare to worship the only one that can receive such “blessing and honor and glory”.  Meditate on these verses in Revelation along with the words of the song and answer the question for yourself – Is He Worthy? HE IS!!

Special Prayer Emphasis – Haiti

Many of you are aware of the long ministry partnership our church has with Pastor Actionnel Fleurisma in the Bayonnais community of Haiti.  We recently received an update that officials there have just announced an additional two months of confinement to stop the spread of COVID-19.  The expectation in this very impoverished community was that the restrictions would only include the standard physical distancing and personal care guidance around wearing masks, so the news of an additional two months of mandated stay at home order is psychologically crippling to an already hurting people.
Beyond the impact of the coronavirus lies the reality that the biggest hurdle for survival is not the virus itself but is instead the present reality of starvation.  Not only is food scarce, but available food is exorbitantly expensive due to extremely devalued currency.  As you might therefore expect, Actionnel’s ministry has jumped in to do all it can to provide basic foods (rice, bread) just to show the people they are loved. Praise God that Feed the Hunger has been able to deliver food as well to help meet the needs.
So pray.  Pray –
  • That the spiritual and physical needs of these people will be met,
  • That Pastor Actionnel and his ministry would not lose heart but would see the goodness of God in His provision,
  • That Feed the Hunger will thrive despite the challenges to organizing and conducting pack-a-thons, and
  • That LNBC will be ready to mobilize as soon as possible with these great ministry partners to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those struggling to see God’s love in this trying season.
Thanks for your faithful prayers.  It makes a difference.

LNBC Needs You

Most of us have felt the presence of a great deal of uncertainty in our daily lives as we have endured this season of “stay-at-home” orders and social distancing over the last few months.  Without a doubt, many things have and will continue to change, and that can make us feel anxious and concerned about our circumstances.  Well there is one things that has not changed and is “rock solid certain” and it is this – you are a part of God’s plan to carry out the Great Commission in your community using your gifts.
And that means that if you are a part of the LNBC congregation, you are a part of what God has planned for this local church and are integral to LNBC meeting the needs of its community.  Is God calling you to serve in a new way?  Maybe to teach children or care for them in the nursery?  Maybe to join the Bread of Life ministry? Maybe to become an usher or greeter? Maybe to work with one of our ministry partners such as Angels and Sparrows? Maybe to join a new ministry that is formed coming out of the pandemic?
Pray to God and ask for His guidance and direction on how, not if but how, He wants to use you to “be the church” with your brothers and sisters in Christ at LNBC.  Reach out to one of the church staff or a ministry leader and ask them how to get connected. Then follow where He leads, and with certainty He will put you where He wants you.

LNBC Return to Church Planning

North Carolina has entered what has been referred to as Phase 2 of the statewide easing of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.  This means positive movement toward the full reopening of retail businesses, other service providers and churches as well.  You may also have read or heard that late last week, a federal judge issued an order that allows churches to meet indoors despite that governor’s previously issued restrictions.
Obviously, the fact that this kind of progress is being made is a good thing.  We look forward to celebrating our ability to return in person together.  However, our church leadership is considering many data points in determining the optimal time to re-open our facilities for worship and other ministry activities.  This certainly includes public guidance, restrictions and orders but it also includes the continued tracking of how the spread of the virus is decreasing, how other churches are responding to these factors and of course your response to the LNBC Return to Church Preparedness Survey, among other things.
In consideration of these things and to help us prepare for our eventual re-opening, our church office and ministry staff have resumed our normal office hours of 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday and 8:00am-1:00pm on Friday.  Looking forward, our commitment to our congregation and our community continues to be to walk in cautious wisdom to protect all LNBC stakeholders to ensure the short-term and long-term ability of our church members to do kingdom work in the communities we serve.  In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy the blessing of digital gathering and will let you know as soon as decisions are made.

We Want Your Stories

We have often said through this very unique season in all of our lives that the work of the Holy Spirit in our church, our homes and our communities is unmistakable.  God has provided, protected and even “pushed us” in wonderful ways for which He is worthy of all praise and for which we should be constantly thankful.  Often however we don’t stop and celebrate the small miracles of His goodness that are all around us.  But we can choose to do so if we only take the time to reflect on it and let people know.
So here is our ask … share with us the stories of God’s faithfulness and goodness you have experienced or witnessed throughout this season.  Maybe it is an unexpected blessing that has been received?  Maybe you were able to share the Gospel with someone?  Maybe a damaged relationship has been reconciled?  Maybe a significant and overdue life change has occurred?
If you would like to share a story with us, something we can celebrate with you or something that perhaps we can even help you prepare to share with others, send us an email at  Before it goes any further than our Elder Council, we will certainly have a conversation with you about it.  Above all, we just want to celebrate God’s goodness with you. We look forward to what you share!

Sunday Service & Livestream May 31!

This Sunday, we will again start our Livestream at 9:45am on Facebook Live.  The Livestream recording can also be accessed from our website or the app, as well as through Vimeo (please note that we recommend using Facebook Live for the highest quality experience).
Pastor William and Carson will lead our music this week, and Pastor Mark will lead us into our time of confession and prayer.  Pastor Bobby will again bring our message from God’s Word this week. Elder Ron Hoppe will close our service with an exciting update including our date for resuming Sunday worship services on campus.
We look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday at 9:45am!

LNBC Kids: At Home Resources

Hey families with kids! Are you looking for resources to help your children continue growing spiritually during quarantine?
Follow LNBC Kids on Facebook & Instagram for encouragement, great articles, Bible stories, and the most up to date news impacting kids and families!

LNBC Coronavirus Response

Here are a few ways to remain connected to God and to one another during this time:
  • We encourage you to use the LNBC Weekly Prayer Guide as part of your personal devotional life during this season. Download Prayer Guide. (Daily at 8am/2pm/8pm)
  • Consider starting a small group. The LNBC Small Group starter guide is available to get you off and running.  Download Small Group Starter Guide.
  • RightNow Media is available free to everyone in our church. It is a great resource offering many video teaching series that can be streamed to most devices. Text “rightnow LNBC” to 41411 from your phone or click here, and you will receive information on how to access RightNow.  Scroll below for more information.
  • Our church greatly desires to meet needs in our communities. Anyone can email, and we have a response team ready to try to assist.  Whatever the need and whoever has it, we want to help!
Stay encouraged … stay safe … stay connected!

RightNow Media Subscriptions Available to Everyone at LNBC

Many of you are familiar with RightNow Media from the excellent Sunday school series and Bible study lessons you have enjoyed over the past several years.  What you might not realize is that everyone in our church is eligible for a subscription to be used wherever and whenever you like.  RightNow Media is a streaming library of Bible studies through videos that inspire faith every day of the week. With more than 20,000 biblical videos available from any device, RightNow equips you to experience God’s presence in new and fresh ways. Accessing RightNow is never easier. Text “rightnow LNBC” to 41411 from your phone or click here, and you will receive information on how to access RightNow. Take advantage of this free opportunity to watch videos designed to draw you closer to God. If you have any questions about RightNow Media, feel free to contact Elder Robert Courson ( or Pastor Darryl (

BE the Church

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  • Do you or someone you know need prayer? Click Here to share your prayer request.
  • Pray for this situation and for one another Take dedicated time each day and pray over this situation specifically.  Pray for God’s guidance; pray for great faith; pray for obedience; pray for opportunities to use not only your gifts and talents but the sacrifice of your time to bring healing and help to His hurting communities.
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Praying for you and your families,
LNBC Elder Council
Bobby Blanton, Robert Courson, Ron Hoppe, Gary Rapp, Tom Wassel, & Mark Zirkle

5/31/2020 SERVICE

———————– ⇓ ————————



To be loving followers of Jesus Christ, who worship God, serve others and make disciples of all nations.



Come join us Sunday morning at one of our two services! We offer both a traditional (choir-led worship at 8:30am in our chapel) and contemporary (band-led worship at 9:45am in our worship center) service with a strong focus on discipleship and ministering to families in the Lake Norman community.

We hope you’ll visit us soon!


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Children's Ministry


We love kids! But even more than that, we are passionate about teaching your kids about a God who loves them!

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Youth Ministry


The Student Ministry exists to equip students for ministry and mission as a community of believers being built up in the gospel.

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Men's Ministry


Men face unique challenges in their careers, families and lives. Connect with God and other men as we face our battles.

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Women's Ministry


Life is more than going through the motions. We’re here to offer support as we encourage women to keep their focus on Jesus.

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8:30am Chapel
9:45am Worship Center


7921 Sam Furr Road
Huntersville, NC 28078

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28:19